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Leading the industry for both the latest filter press and wastewater treatment, Tons Per Hour, Inc. has been a well-established business for over 15 years. Below are a few of our areas of expertise:

wastewater treatment
Thickeners & Clarifiers

Circular and Rectangular Thickeners

With a very long history of innovation in this field TPH rectangular thickeners offer greater flow capacities than traditional circular thickeners that carry the "high torque" concerns associated with their centrally-mounted rake drives. TPH systems are completely pre-manufactured and shop assembled prior to the coating process to ensure they assemble in the field quickly and without modification.

Unique and innovative design allows for higher mud densities along with greater weir space to create reduced rising current conditions that can result in the “scouring” of settled mud into the clean water stream.

Single unit flow capacities up to 6000 gpm.

Belt Press
Belt Press
Tons Per Hour, Inc. offers Andritz belt presses for every application. The Andritz "Aggregate Press" was developed as a joint venture between the two companies. Many installations later, we can assure our customers we offer the most cost effective belt presses available anywhere.


Filter Press

Filter Press

TPH offers the greatest selection of filter press designs of any company in the world. The range includes presses with capacities from 1 cubic foot and up to 30 cubic yards of solids per cycle. Multiple cycles per hour, determined by feed material specification, are achieved by the quick opening design.


Alternative designs include:

Basic Chamber Presses

Membrane Presses

Overhead Beam Design

Side Rail design

High Speed Single Plate Shifting

Quick Opening Multi-plate Shifting


TPH has aligned itself with many of the leading domestic pump manufactures to meet customers’ specific needs.

Focusing on field parameters to select the right pump for the application will always lead to the most cost effective long-term solutions in this highly technical area.



As with many suppliers in the field, TPH offers a complete line of liquid and powder flocculant and coagulants, all manufactured by very large, multinational chemical companies who carry the same basic products. What sets TPH apart is the approach to the application of the chemistry which demands careful analysis and consideration of field conditions in order to deliver the most cost effective solution.

Mixing, aging, delivery and control of the chosen chemical is as important as chemical selection. TPH offers and manufactures a wide range of solutions and equipment backed by many years’ of practical field experience. From the ‘Silver Bullet’ bulk handling of dry flocculants, including metering, mixing, aging, delivery and control, to the simplest floc pump for the metering of liquids, TPH can give you the means to control the chemical costs associated with liquid/solids separation in your plant.

Engineering & Custom Fabrication

Tons Per Hour, Inc. offers stationary and mobile system solutions for every liquid/solids separation application. As well as customer fabrication of tanks, feeders, sumps, conveyors and other fabricated steel products.


Each piece of TPH equipment is engineered and can be wet stamped when required.





Tailings/Refuse Management

A complete line of liquid/solids separation solutions for mining and mineral process industries is available, including filter presses, belt presses, thickener/clarifiers, flocculant preparation and metering systems, pumps, dewatering screens, together with the design and application know-how from a single “one-stop” source.

Engineering and Construction

TPH can provide complete design, engineering and installation services for the complete product range, and including electrical, civil, mechanical and process engineering. Turn-key options are available.

Tons Per Hour, Inc. has been in the wastewater treatment and solids treatment of the minerals field for over 15 years. We have aligned ourselves with quality vendors in the US market to ensure we provide a quality product and more importantly, service after the sale. We offer solutions for Tailings Management, Fines Recovery, and Dewatering. We also carry a complete line of liquids/solids separation solutions for the mining and mineral process industries. A portion of our product line includes:

-      Filter Presses

-      Belt Presses

-      Thickener/Clarifiers

-      Flocculant Preparation

-      Metering Systems

-      Pumps

-      Dewatering Screens

-      And a complete line of Liquid/Solids Separation Solutions


Tons Per Hour, Inc. has partnered with Jingjin Filter Presses in the Americas. Jingjin is the world’s largest manufacturer of the filter press. Last year alone, Jingjin placed 10,000 filter presses world-wide. Since 2006 they have placed over 6,000 presses in floatation applications alone. In the United States Tons Per Hour, Inc. has recently placed presses in coal, industrial silica, limestone, and gold.




All of our customer support needs can be met with a combination of "in house" service personnel, contract service representatives and a growing dealer network.

We offer very flexible consignment programs to suit the individual needs of each customer.

Wastewater Treatment

The need is growing for wastewater treatment for liquid solids separation for waste streams in construction, materials mining, animal and crop farming, industrial laundry, oil and gas production, sewage treatment and many more areas. TPH has the technology, knowledge and experience to solve your environmental wastewater problems.




Tons Per Hour, Inc. offering solutions for Tailings Management, Fines Recovery, Dewatering and Wastewater Treatment. Tested and proven filter press technology. Tons Per Hour has the most filter presses delivered to the coal industry in the U.S. We have success in dewatering both refuse and clean coal.


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